Common Questions

1Will I have the same cleaner every week?
Yes, at Spark we provide you with the same cleaner each week.
2What happens if my cleaner is sick or on holiday?
Should your regular cleaner be unable to attend, we will introduce a cover cleaner on request. On occasions, due to short notice, the cover cleaner may not be able to attend on your regular day/ time but we will agree a mutually suitable alternative with you.
3What happens if I go on holiday?
Your cleaner can still complete your clean (if you provide them with a key) but if you would rather skip a week, that’s fine.
4Does my cleaner bring cleaning supplies?
The cleaner will generally use your own products and equipment. This is to avoid any potential cross contamination between properties and also to ensure your home is cleaned the way you like it. However, if you do need your cleaner to bring products or equipment, this can be arranged but the cleaner will charge a slightly higher hourly rate.
5Can I have ironing as well as cleaning? And does it cost extra?
Yes, if you let us know, we're happy to do ironing services as well as cleaning. The hourly rate will remain the same but you will probably need additional time to accommodate both.
6How do I pay my cleaner?
You should agree directly with your cleaner an appropriate payment method – most clients either pay in cash or via bank transfer.
7Do I give my cleaner a key?
If you wish to provide your cleaner with a key to your property, this will be an arrangement between yourself and your cleaner. We always suggest you ask for a signature from your cleaner when transferring keys. The cleaner will be responsible for the safe-keeping of the keys and for returning them when required.
8Will I still have a cleaner during the school holidays or Christmas etc.?
We aim to provide you with a cleaning service 52 weeks of the year.
9What if I decide to increase/decrease my weekly cleaning hours?
All amendments to your weekly cleaning hours must be discussed with your Spark Cleaner, who will confirm availability.
10Can I view your terms and conditions ?
Absolutely, You can view our terms & conditions Here or at the bottom of every page.